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the many that brave the chill in the air to get out this friday night. we found people lined up outside an art gallery waiting to attend a poetry slam. others said they had second thoughts of everyone going out tonight. >> i rather stay home and watch tv in front of the fireplace. >> what made you decide to come out? >> family. going out for a birthday dinner. >> you guys want a blanket. >> sure. >> hey brother, how are you doing. >> reporter: wager and volunteers also ventured outside tonight. the homeless encampment had an open space area across the happy hollow park. every winter for the past fewdecades, wager seeks out the homeless to give them blankets
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and provide some measure of warmth. >> reporter: this homeless woman someone deliberately damaged her tent so she's thankful for the new blanket. >> i take it day by day. >> reporter: and the blanket how much does that help? >> it helps a lot. >> reporter: this man said he tried unsuccessfully to get into a camp tonight. >> you come out here and pass out blankets, it's just a help. >> reporter: pastor scott wager is urging officials to come up with a homeless plan for the homeless. he says 1,000 people die in santa clara every year from being exposed to the cold. reporting live here in san jose, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. from amber we turn now to ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin on just how low the temperatures will fall tonight. bill. >> it's going to be one of the coolest nights we've seen in a while. we know that because look at the current temperatures. in santa rosa it's 38 degrees.
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that's 6 degrees above freezing. check out napa, they're at 42 degrees. fairfield we're 42. in san jose right now we're at 40 degrees. tomorrow morning overnight lows check it out. 32 up in santa rosa. freezing there. napa 32 as well. we will see frost in many bay area inland valleys and there will be freezing temperatures in the coolest low lying areas. one of the coolest nights we've seen in a while. cooler night as we head into sunday morning. we'll have all the details on that. all of the forecasts for the weekend coming up we'll see you in a few minutes. >> early today people in the east bay hills woke up to the sound of this. falling hail. this is what it looked like near highway 18 and olaga avenue. the pea sized hail resembling snow. here's a faux -- a photo that a viewer sent to us. the entire football field was covered. and the front brought up to
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18-inches of snow in the sierra. that meant increased hazards for drivers. at this hour, chains are required. some sierra resorts are open opening ski runs later this month. they say they got a foot of new snow over the past 24 hours and their new snow making machines are adding everyone more. and a you will find tools to track the weather any time including the forecast for your city. also live radar for storm tracker ii. new video tonight of a fatal drive by shooting in oakland. witnesses tell us a car pulled up next to the victim's car. a person got out but unloaded shots into the vehicle where
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the teen was sitting. the shooting happened just after 7:00 on 26th avenue in the fruitvale. witnesses say the victim was a teenage boy who lived in the neighborhood. his name has not yet been released. there's no description so far of the shooter or the get away car. president obama addressed the so called fiscal cliff today in his first public comment since election night. he said that he is open to compromise but as nicole collins reports he also laid down one major condition. >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> reporter: president obama drawing a line on the sand saying any agreement on deficit reduction must include tax increases on the wealthy. >> we have to combine -- i'm
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open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner reiterating his plan. the speaker saying he's unwilling to raise taxes but is open to new revenue by eliminating some tax deductions and loopholes. >> by lowering rates and cleaning up the tax code we know we're going to get more economic growth. it'll bring jobs back to america. it'll bring more revenue. >> reporter: with their starting points for negotiations defined both parties agree a deal must be reached or the economy will fall back into recession. >> i was encouraged to hear speaker boehner agree that tax
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and revenue is a priority. >> reporter: in washington, nicole collins fox news. more details on that so called fiscal cliff. without action bush era tax cuts would end. including the child tax credit and earned income tax credit. billions of the dollars in automatic spending cuts would kick in including money for education, food inspections and air travel safety. the dow industrials closed up four points the nasdaq gained nine. but for the week, both of those indexes ended more than 2% lower. the unexpected resignation
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of cia director david petraeus. general petraeus is best known for his leadership in the post9/11 wars. he had served as c -- cia director for more than a year. senator dianne feinstein called loss of petraeus a loss. fbi agents reportedly discovered the affair while investigating a possible security breech at the cia. according to the report the name paula baldwell came up. the fbi was initially concerned that someone had improperly accessed petraeuses e-mail and that classified information might be compromised. san francisco police now
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say they have arrested a third man for vandalizing a muni bus. police say they arrested 25- year-old adam diaz on felony charges. he said he had been photographed using a skateboard to break windows on the bus. diaz and five others are now being charged for vandalizing and torching that bus. police are thanking for the public 's help in tracking down all of those suspects. 32-year-old fredrick dosier is accused of sexually assaulting three women last year along 24th street. but he won't hear his fate until next tuesday after the holiday weekend. prosecutorred presented dna and an alleged recorded interview. and he faces life in prison if convicted of all counts. a highway patrol officer who was recently killed in the
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line of duty and left behind a wife and four children is being remembered tonight. ktvu's noelle walker is live in san ramon and tells us how his family was the focus of this event. >> reporter: there's a fundraiser in san ramon it's going on right now at the wedgewood wedding and banquet center. it's still in full swing. the widow told me tonight that her husband would be pleased. the last time candles burned it was in his memory. this time the candles are for youngstrom's wife and children. >> he would be pleased with how people have showed support for us, it's really beautiful. >> reporter: a collection of spouses and cig -- significant
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others who know what it feels like to send husbands and spouses out the door. >> this is not going to bring him back but hopefully help them. >> the community is behind her and feels for her situation. >> hopefully sense that it wasn't for nothing. >> reporter: 90 people rsvped for the $50 a plate event. >> i think it's awesome that whoever donated this really cares for them. >> the manager felt a connection to manager youngstrom. >> every day it's gut wrenching. >> i think he would be pleased with it all. i think he would be pleased
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that the community who he served is caring for us. >> reporter: officer youngstrom's widow says even more than the money, every card she's received has meant so much for them. it's going to be cold for the start of your weekend. i'll tell you where you can expect freezing temperatures. >> and violent crime way up. arrests way down. what some say is behind that troubling combination in this bay area city.
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new at 10:00, violent crime is way up and arrests are down. it's a troubling revelation revealed in new statistics in the antioch police department. eric rasmussen is live with what's behind these numbers. >> reporter: it comes down to not having enough officers. how about this number of, the chief says the average response time around 11 minutes and we heard from people tonight who say that's just unacceptable. >> tonight we were there as officers had to force their way into a home with guns drawn responding to a domestic dispute on sicamore drive. tonight, they arrested two people for a homicide. so far this year violent crimes
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and property crimes are up 44%. arrests are down 17% compared to a month ago. >> they are worked under staffed and as a community we need to help them. >> i think the community realizes what's going on in antioch but they don't know what to do about it. >> reporter: the department is now taking tips on its facebook page and through anonymous text messages. >> i've been involved in that. i know people that have been involved in that and that's led to several arrests. in the last six weeks i know there's three arrests to my name. >> i was assaulted after i dropped off my son. >> reporter: jonathan hernandez is so frustrated he is circulating a petition to allow citizens to openly carry loaded handguns in antioch. >> is this really what it's come to that you have to carry a loaded gun on you at all times. >> unfortunately yeah it is. >> tonight on the phone chief
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contando says he too is concerned about this spike in crime. but he also says he's not boing to sugar coat the situation when he presents it to the city council next week. detectives estimate the street value to be a quarter of a million dollars. they say the drugs are found after serving a search warrant in the 4300 block of halux street. but police are still searching for those responsible because no one was at the location during the time of the warrant. police was the first day of gas rationing in new york city following hurricane andy. the rationing was ordered by mayor michael bloomberg because of all the long lines and short supplies. drivers with license plates ending in odd and even numbers will alternate dates when they can buy gas. people who experienced hour long wait say they're already seeing an improvement.
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>> it makes perfect sense. i mean, it saved me three hours this morning. >> what was your wait like to get gas this morning? >> i'm up to 45 minutes. >> the rationing plan is the first of its kind since gas shortages during the 70s. and in long island today was the first day of trash pick up for many residents. in fact, the people in the town of oceanside said that it is the first time their trash has been picked up in 11 days. >> president obama is planning to visit new york in the aftermath of last week's superstorm. the president already traveled to new jersey last week. now white house officials say he'll visit new york next thursday to meet with families, officials and first responders. officials estimate damage from the storm could cost new york up to $33 billion. the military is punishing seven u.s. navy seals for helping a redwood city video game developer. the seals pay will be docked for sharing information with
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the designers of medal of honor war fighter. chronic art says they used the seal to help make the game more realistic including fighting tactics and specialty weapons. the navy says the consulting work was not authorized. ktvu's david stevenson tells us why -- >> reporter: this week the city began preparing for being the first to pay for sex change surgeries. they already provide mental health surgeries and hormone therapy for those who qualify. >> one of the services that we did not have was sexual reassignment surgeries so what this does is add to the continuing care. >> it's more of a choice. it should be spent more on other more pressing health matters like homeless people's
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health. >> reporter: cecilia chung says it is not a choice. >> it's really helped me to find a way to improve my quality of life. >> reporter: chung points to the discrimination and violence faced every day by women and men. >> if you look around the country, more than 200 major corporations provide the sex change surgery for their members. near stevens creek boulevard officially broke ground today. city and state leaders helped kick off the new highway with a new ceremony. the first phase will widen the
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steven's creek northbound. the entire project is scheduled to be complete by 2013. and a few lingering showers out there right now. here is san jose, this is live storm tracker 2 up around mount hamilton we have rain showers. the main showers have moved to the south. we're going to start to dry out. with that said temperatures are going to cool off. they were mild today. these were the daytime highs. 57 in livermores highs tomorrow will be milder. the story going forward is how cool it's going to be or cold it's going to be overnight tonight. as we go into tomorrow, temperatures are going to warm but not much. mostly in the 50s and very low 60s. those are the green areas, low 60s and upper 50s. cool day tomorrow. overnight lows though freezing. when we come back we'll talk all about that. we'll look at saturday and sunday. and in the five day forecast a chance for more showers i'll see you back here.
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fans of the twilight saga are already camping out for next week's premier of the final film. hundreds of so called twihart set up tents. they're camping out for a chance to see the stars of the film arrive for the premier on monday of breaking dawn part 2. organizers say they expect more than 2,000 people at that event. he is blazed trails and broke barriers. >> i would do it until i was 100 if they would let met. >> reporter: a legendary journalist signs off for the last time. and the search for a suspect amidst questions about how quickly police responded. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. a female driver was in the wrong place at the wrong time today and was injured in a
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crash at the oakland coliseum. police say she was hit by another car who's driver was trying to escape a third car. people in that third car were reportedly shooting at them. everyone in those three cars escaped before police arrived. all of this happened shortly before 4:00 this afternoon. at this hour san jose police are searching for a man on the run after a killing in his home. new information tonight about the investigation and questions about a delayed response from police. the family members of the victims showed up pleading for answers to this morning's homicide. investigators say the suspect, troy nosenzo is on the run. the 54-year-old victim's name has not been released. nosenzo was married to someone living there matching the description of the deceased woman. police say a 911 call was made from the house at 5:38 this
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morning but patrol units were preoccupied with several car crashes. officers arrived at 7:00 a.m., the front door was unlocked and barking doors had to be removed. >> there was a female in need of medical attention with gun wounds. >> it can happen any where. i'm sure you know, it's not pleasant. >> reporter: police defended the police call, said that there were critical emergency matters at the car crashes.. they also say they get hang ups every day. they will eventually answer. in san jose, robert handa,
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ktvu channel 2 news. investigators are investigating the shooting death of a horse. sheriff officials say the 17- year-old horse is named delta fox. he was shot last sunday morning near santa rosa. the horse then ran to his stable where he died. the gunman used a high powered rifle. the animal legal defense fund is now offering a $5,000 reward on information in this case. some members of the occupy cal encampment. last year uc police used batons to remove protesters. fighting the stresses of war. a unique bay area program that is pairing combat veterans with
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dolphins. >> he's a bay area icon who has covered history and made some history. coming up, belva davis as she signs off and shares some of her thoughts on her career. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 and get a frozen safeway turkey for 59 cents a pound. or get another of the best deals around. a frozen butterball, 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair...grab a plate.
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this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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new at 10:00, a bay area icon is retiring tonight. belva davis broke through the color barrier as a journalist in the bay area. jana katsuyama is live now in san francisco where she caught up with belva as she hosted her final show. >> reporter: it really was an emotional evening here honoring a woman who has covered history and made history as a journalist. >> reporter: in the make up room, belva davis shared laughs with friends preparing to anchor this week in northern california just like she has
10:30 pm
for 19 years only this was her final report. >> hello i'm belva davis. >> reporter: tonight she faced the camera with the same composure and dignity that she brought to journalist a peer that spanned five -- journalist career that spanned five decade. >> i turned 80 years, i think i set a world record. i could do it until i was 100 if they would let me and i could remember my name. but i know that's not possible. >> reporter: she closed tonight's show interviewing her friend angelou. the topic, friendship. >> i had no college degree, i had no experience and how did it make it? i realized it was because of friend. >> reporter: her retirement means more time with friends, family and her husband retired
10:31 pm
camera man bill moore. >> to travel, to spend some time together, enter and remove some of the stress from television. >> i think i will still concede to hear her voice in my ears saying, you know what about those people who aren't being heard or you know what about the people who are poor. >> reporter: along with dozens of awards, davis also wrote a book called never many my wildest dreams, a black woman's life in journalist. this is not the end of belva daviss story, just the beginning of a new chapter. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. one congressional race here in northern california is still undecided tonight. the democratic candidate omni berr has widened his lead over dan lungren. even so that lead is still less than 1% and there are still thousands of ballots that need
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to be counted. the moraga school board president resigned today with no explanation less than 24 hours after winning reelection. the resignation lewis comes a day after he had a closed door meeting about the sexual abuse case of coonis. police say 21-year-old hindman and four others were all hit. hindman was a senior, a small quaker associated school in richmond indiana. the two others were taken to the hospital but they're conditions have not yet been released. palo alto police tonight are taking the public on a virtue ride along. officers with the agency are live tweeting from their patrol
10:33 pm
calls updating callers on every call, every arrest. it's a way to reach out to the community. >> we're reaching demographic we weren't reaching before. >> reporter: police departments all over the bay area are now using twitter and facebook to alert public to crimes and to help solve them. american's board and the pilots must still agree on the deal. no details have been released. american airlines filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy a year ago. the ceo of the low cost irish airline ryan says says seat belts won't matter.
10:34 pm
o' hare is saying that seat belts don't matter. he says it will not save you from a crash. he is calling to remove the last four rows of his planes and allow stand up room. the tickets would cost $2. click the live icon and you can watch all of our newscasts live right on your mobile device. a group of bay area combat veterans are having a tough time reentering society tried a new type of therapy today. they were out swimming with the dolphins at marine world. the trip was organized by nonprofit pat home for veterans. >> this type of environment that's a positive environment where everyone is smiling and having fun, it just helps us so much. and it fills so many holes that we have in ourselves.
10:35 pm
one other vet said the dolphins were fun to hang out with because they can't let you down. safe way says it plans to hire 1,000 military vets this year. so far this year the company has hired 1,300 vets. this is part of a long-standing policy by its foundation to support the u.s. military. there's an addition 41 week long program to train and place vets in top leadership positions in safeway. a plan to save an east bay hospital. plus another nurses strike when they'll walk the picket line and which hospitals are affected. back here in a few minutes your complete bay area weekend forecast and we'll pinpoint those temperatures. power outages almost weekly. we asked what's causing the problem on treasure island and why it may not be fixed for several years.
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getting power to the people is a problem on ti. treasure island is experiencing about one power outage for week for roughly four hours at a time. treasure island is still technically opened by the navy. city utility workers are
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working to to upgrade the power season that's 62 years old. the constant power is outages. >> it happens about every other night, the power goes out. it's like horrible, it goes out until 8:00 in the morning. >> reporter: the city says it doesn't expect to fully address this utility problem until the navy completely hands over treasure island. the city of san leandro and alameda have agreed to pay fees for the hospital. thousands of registered nurses are planning to walk off the job next week. the california nurses association and national nurses united announced the strike today. it includes nurses at eight sutter health offices in the
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area and two affiliated hospitals will be able to return -- we have made a map of the hospitals that will be impacted by the nurse strike. in news of the world tonight in syria, about 11,000 people have now fled across the border into turkey. some climbed razor wire fences to escape fighting between rebels and government forces for control of a border town. despite all of this intense fighting. beshard asad told russian television there's no war in his country and he blamed the terrorist on his country. justin we will recollect vi has been introduced as the commissioner. he has been a priest for 20 years, prior to that he was an
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oil executive. he says he is in favor of women as bishops and won't -- bi-p shop and won't approve to it. the stone is named after previous owner joseph of austria and is said to be a flawless clarity and it can be yours at the christie's office in g earthquake nejings a. just be prepared to pay 25 to 25 miles per hour. >> a sacramentoen man set to lose his job next year is celebrating a change in luck. michael rural made up the numbers. wolf says the campbell soup plant in sacramento which is slated to close next year. he says he will use the money to pay off his bills and invest
10:42 pm
the rest. tonight the story of survival and dedication. that takes us from puerto mad era. it is a story you will see only on two. bill martin tracking some cold weather and the chance of rain. that will be the complete by area week =8
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only on two, a pair of baby river otters orphaned in the wild and rescued by humans are back in the wild tonight. >> reporter: it is a spectacular setting. located in the heart of sonoma county. >> one of the most beautiful spots up here. >> reporter: this is lake
10:45 pm
sonoma, they're boating, fishing and on this day, in this crate. >> we pick up between three to 4,000 animals a year. >> reporter: once strangers and now friend. the two pay by otters, released back into the wild. >> okay the best thing about wildlife rehab is you work with these animals you see them when they're hurd or organned or scared then you get to take them out out to a gorgeous day like today and it's gone. we really need to turn back to pages a bit in order to drive home the point about this passionate survival and the dedication of those who rescued them. a san rafael wild profit took in the first otter in april. the baby was transferred to s, noma county and united with
10:46 pm
another or fan in petaluma. >> today, ready to make that ha. a pair of new sea otters nonswimming to their new life together. >> i wish i could say with them but we have to go back to work. >> as another rescue escapes the success of this one swims away. mike mibac. the wall street journal announced america's five most expensive neighborhoods today and two of them are in the bay area. after 10:00 in san mateo comes in fifth. the small town of ross comes in sec. limited housing inventory in
10:47 pm
both. despite the long lines volunteers say everyone will get their voucher for free but space is limbed for the holiday toy program. the window is now open for the mavericks big weave contest near the san ma it shallable ebb, o coastline. bill-- that he will be 24 hours to get there and then take on waives that in some cases could be 50 miles per hour. it's really telling what you're made of when it's all on the line. fear does it motivate you or stop you in your tracks? >> the contest hasn't been held for the last two years years because the concerns weren't just right. they do expect big waves by the end of the year. and tracking a few showers
10:48 pm
linger out there. we had showers today. thunderstorms. here's what it looks like now. over here on mount hamilton east of san jose. you see a little bit of snow flurry activity at the top. mount hamilton comes in at 6,066 feet. it's up there. snow levels tonight and tomorrow are going to be in the 2,000-foot range. but the showers are rapidly winding down. the atmosphere is bebeginning to settle and it's just going to be colt cold. so if you have plans or vegetation temp temperature sensitive.even if you're out in phás claire that aren't far from the bay you may want to cover your plants. there's a frost advisory north of the sonoma county. i wouldn't be surprised if we
10:49 pm
would see a frost add advisory. they had change requirements. chains not require right now but it's still snowing down there. chance of a shower tonight but it's diminishing. tomorrow the menu is not. and there's a lot of things going on. could see frost delays. the front kind of thaws off the greens. it's going to be very cold morgue stops more if. there are some showers in the forecast model from about 4:00 a.m. this isn't much of the deal but looks like we could see something out of cliff house. you can see it move down the coast toward pacifica. gusts around 5.40 and mail it into the area. you will notice the cool overnight lows very cool start. i mentioned this all week or
10:50 pm
last cars. upper 50s, maybe a couple of low 60s. we get into tuesday and wednesday and things get chilly in the morning on friday. >> cal bears, oregon ducks tomorrow night. >> you want something for your head and hands. because it's going to be cold. getting ready to take the plunge. what these home man flying contraption will be doing at the cove.
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in san francisco today, 32 teams put the finishing touches on their homemade flying contraptions. the operations come one day ahead of the tenth u.s. anniversary of the red bull's wingtuk which means flying in german. they will watch their human flying machines off of a 30-
10:54 pm
foot high flight deck across the waters of mccovey. that'll be something to see. >> mark joins us now. a bad night. what happened? >> i would say until further notice the warriors are just the best -- not enough of that clay so much son we can't rely on focus shots like that one. and the white house monoout because of co, gd most particularly. and he will tip the shot and draw the foul. three point play right there
10:55 pm
and he also had the exclamation point. one of 16 turn overs. 101-107 ugly. what's more depressing for the warriors the fact they did not play inspired ball. they shocked everyone by firing the coach mike grown as the team was off to a 1-4 stop. locals go to the packic like opbd might put your money or phil jackson proeting. l.a. confirms he is on ao short list to take over but they say they have no timetable for a permanent coach to step in although sooner the better is obviously best. >> and doesn't seem possible. feels like the world series just ended a few days ago but kyle bush is upon us.
10:56 pm
a little hint of what we may have. that's matson he converts and 2008 howard showing the way for the cardinals popping. he had 29 points and five nice drive. fueled a sanford victory. women's couch with rather routine victories. tell you what the voters rise try to change. a little hint of what was to be warren miles long. number 42. gone. 68-yard touchdown and that was about as close as they would
10:57 pm
get. still in the first quarter, jeffrey prothrow. that flag for ukofuka. 38-yard touchdown 21-0. and the appropriately made wrong was already committed to north western one again. high 10 carries. fuda again 64 this time. james logan floats to a shopping 56-8 victory. that was the play off game as for the pros. 49ers back in the point. the point afterfollowing what city should be a big afternoon for timers the. >> >> brent johnson is here with you. >> yeah, he'll be onset and i'm
10:58 pm
just happy to have made it through the last bit of highlights with the names okay. >> sounds good. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks.
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